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Front fender liner messed up

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I was checking my tires the other day, and I saw this:

Tire Synthetic rubber Automotive tire Auto part Tread
Tire Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber Auto part

my front fender liner is messed up :(. Don't know how that happened..
Anyways, do you guys have any recos on where I can find replacement for it?

Checked ebay, I this is what I've found so far: MAZDA 6 MAZDA6 06-08 SPLASH SHIELD INNER FENDER LINER - eBay (item 290510763462 end time Feb-07-11 14:49:31 PST)

Or should I go straight to local dealer?
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what russian said.

less you are running the stock air box or SRI, in which case I would just live with it.
you shouldn't even need the sheet metal.

Nor would I be eager to replace the slits...... more likely to cause hydrolock from water off the tires than anything else.
they are all the same from what I remember. did you try they are vendor on here.

as for the clips that hold them inplace. they are J-clips on the under side you can get at Ace and get proper bolts to match. The inner fender ones are sold at Fastenal which should have a location near you, or can be purchased online fire ~$19/box of 25 IIRC.
I gave you the answers you need in the initial thread you started.
The answer was given before you asked again in this thread...
easy dude.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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