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I will have thes items ready for sale probably by the end of next week, but wanted to put a teaser out there to start interest.

Here's what I have for sale:

1. Auto Exe Style Front Grill Painted Steel Grey with Custom Black mesh (retails for $170)
(has very small chip in front from a rock)

2. Front Lip from the OEM Appearance Package Painted Steel Grey
( a couple of scrapes on bottom, but nothing visible from top or straight on viewing)

3. Anzo Clear Side markers (retail $60)

4. 03-05 Mazda 6 OEM Talilights with Black Clearguard Overlays installed
(slight bump on outer left overlay where is bubbled up)
(Kit retails for $60, tails retail for )

5. OEM Fog Light Mounts (the black plastic pieces that fill the bumper cut outs)
(I painted these with clearcoat so they're shiney-ONLY FIT NA Appearance Bumper)

Make me some offers and call dibs!!!

Send me a pm with your email addy if you want pics.
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