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After my last oil change (4k miles) I started noticing an oil smell with the air recirculating and when I came around the hood after shutting the car off. I figured one of the technicians had spilled some, and let it go. My husband has been driving it in the meantime, so finally, 4k miles later, I get the chance to take it to the stealership. Turns out I had a defective/bad/damaged transmission seal. They're yanking out the driveshaft, replacing the seal and sending me home. Hopefully should be done tomorrow. No fuss at all, just put me in a loaner to avoid further damage, order the part and go.

Anyone else had this issue? I should mention my 6 is a V6 with manual transmission. Other than this and a squeaky clutch pedal, I've had zero issues in 8k miles of ownership and love this car :D
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