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I just got my 6 a couple days ago and I can hardly stop driving it. It is such a beautiful car to both look at and drive.

What I got: A Silver Contrail Mazda6 Classic Manual Sedan with rear spoiler, tint and a few extras
Features: 16" alloys, Upper Grade Velour Interior, 6 stack (not Bose); climate control, cruise, Dual Airbags, etc


The car looks even better than I remembered it.

Particularly, I was not too sure what it would look like with a spoiler and NO body kit but it is a very very good looking combination. It looks like a sports car without being too gaudy. Much better than I thought it would look. And even if I could afford the bodykit, I wouldn't bother with it any more. It is sooo unnecessary since the car looks so sporty without it.

Also, I never expected there to be a brake light in the spoiler (since it is an addon) but there is and it looks really cool.

I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't like the 16" alloys, however they look great. They look much better in real life than in photos and are very hard to tell from the 17" rims. I would be very hard to convince that the 17" ones are worth the money or effort since the difference is so minimal. I've had atleast a half dozen people say "Nice rims" believe it or not. Not to mention the fact they are quite a bit quieter.

Silver Contrail was my second choice to Titanium but I got it because it would show dirt and stone chips less. And let me tell you our Australian roads are so crap this is a major factor. However, the colour is so beautiful that it draws comments everywhere. It practically glows.

The style of the car is so hot. I reckon it takes its cues from Audi and has a drawn many comparasins to its more expensive Euro competition. I get looks everywhere I go in it. It is really sleek and classy. Also the build quality of my car seems to be very high. Everything in it seems to be of high quality.

The gearbox is awesome. I forgot how short a throw it has. It is much much shorter than my 323. And it feels very smooth. Its not perfect and can feel notchy at times, but most of the time this is caused by me pushing a touch too hard/far, being used to teh 323 and all.

The car handles brilliant. I can really take on the corners.

The engine doesn't feel very torquey but I haven't been reving it very high. The pull is very nice and smooth though. Much like an expensive European car. I do seem to be able to get to 100 fairly quickly and from 80 to 120 in a couple of seconds. Maybe the lack of torque is my own misperceptions.

I love the interior and guages! The red glow is awesome.

My only complaint is that the markings on the air and radio are hard to read.

I'll put up pictures next week when I can get ahold of the only digital camera in town. Til then you'll have to wait patiently, I can't take pics without the camera.

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Great Review SolarBear !!

Yeah I know what you mean about Silver, not showing up stone-chips etc on our Sh*t Australian Roads.....LOL. Mine is Sparkling Silver, & I picked the Colour for that particular reason...

Also I have the 17 inch wheels & was curious about the ride with 16 inch combo, whether it is considerably less "Firm" , although the 17 inch feels like it has great grip/adhesion levels, I haven't lost traction yet ! But they can be a bit noisy at times.....

Mine has over 11,000 klms on it now and still going strong !
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