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Final suspension upgrades

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I am about ready to take on the final part replacements on my suspension for my 2016 Mazda 6. The last of the OEM parts that I planned on upgrading are the rear lateral arms, rear upper control arms, and rear lower control arms (considering going OEM with the lower control arms in the rear as I don't see much benefit to aftermarket there). I am still uncertain on doing anything with the front sway bar or brackets/bushings.

I am leaning towards the Megan Racing lateral arms in the rear for the adjustable toe, and either their upper control arms or the CorkSports. Any feedback or experience with either?

Current suspension:

Bilstein B6s front and back
KYB front strut mounts
Tanabe lowering springs
OEM rubber seats replaced when springs were installed
Progress Rear Sway Bar (set to least stiff option)
Moog rear sway bar links
Mevotech lower control arms in the front
Mevotech sway bar links in the front

It handles much better than it did new, is frequently driven on very windy backroads at 2-3x the speed limit, and will be introducing me to autocross next month if my other repairs go smoothly. Hoping for a good blend of durability and performance as it's my daily as well, with 90% of that being on the highway.
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B6 are designed to be used with OEM springs. B8's are for aftermarket lowering springs. I got B8s with H&Rs rides pretty smooth not that much stiffer compared to OEM setup. Best of all no sagging ride height as some have stated with H&Rs.
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