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Hi there
I've got a 2003 mazda MPV 2.3l. My fans would not came on even with the A/C on. I am in NZ and the agents wanted $500 for the fan control module. I did a bit of self exploration and now I think I have damaged the PCM. Just got a few questions and hope you can help me.
1.On the connector with the 3 wires I've measured the following, White wire-12V, Black wire -ground or batt negative and the thin red wire 0v. Must there be a voltage on the red? The ignition was on.
2. After putting everything back together I discovered that the A/C will switch on when activated, but the car starts to labor, and the A/C clutch will kick out again. The fans stays off. Does the aircon fan gets the signal from the PCM also?
3. How do I check the PCM? The check engine light is off.
I am in dire straights and any help will be appreciated. Went on to but no luck there.
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