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2003 Mazda 6I 2.3L ATX Glacier Silver
(last updated 04-03-2015)

*Sponsorship/ Awards/ Features
Street Unit- Platinum Sponsorship

*Engine/ Performance/ Exhaust
AEM Short Ram Intake & AEM Dry flow filter (Wrapped Sure Element Shield)
Street unit Oil cap
Street unit washer cap
AWR Dog Bone Motor Mount (70 Duro)
AWR TMM (70 Duro)
AWR PMM (70 Duro)
Spin on oil filter conversion- Mobil 1 Full synthetic
Sickspeed Magnetic Oil drain plug
Big 3 Grounding (4 Gauge)
Magnaflow Cat-back exhaust
Torque Solutions Polyurethane Exhaust Hangers

*Suspension/ Brakes
Mazdaspeed 6 Shocks/ Springs
Racing Beat F + R sway bars
MOOG F + R swaybar endlinks
Movtec Rear lateral links
Strut Brace (flat)
OEM New suspension stiffeners
Monroe strut top hats
06-08 Calipers (DIY rebuilt painted black)
Stoptech SS brake lines
Centric Brake Pads
DRT Slotted Rotors (PC Black)
Gorilla Lug Nuts (Black)
Street Unit Interior Trunk Brace (Black)

*Lighting/ Appearance
Spyder Black/ Chrome L.E.D. Taillights
Interior & Exterior 194 LEDS & Cree 5W LED reverse lights
Oem Lighted Spoiler
OEM Fog lights (Not working)
Clear Front Bumper Markers + Amber 194 LEDS
Oem flasher relay (with resistor for led turn signals)
Black aftermarket grill
StreetUnit Vinyl (Wide)-36" Metallic Charcoal & Metallic Silver
Sickspeed 10mm engine bolts/ washers
Silver reflective 3m rear bumper markers
OEM accessory Lip
Clear Rear LED Bumper Markers
OEM style Carbon Fiber Hood

Metra dash kit
Pioneer X3500UI Head Unit
Power Acoustics 4 Gauge wiring kit
x2 Coustic BP104 10" Subs (In ported box)
Bazooka EL1500 Amplifer
Metra ASWC-1

*Wheels/ Tires
18x8 +50mm OEM RX-8 Wheels (DIY refinished)
Milestar 225/40/18V All Season Tires
Oem 16x7 +55mm Wheels with Yokohama All seasons
Oem 17x7 +60mm Wheels with Winter Tires

OBDlink LX & Torque App
8mm Push-type Bumper/ Fender liner clips

*Garage/ On order
Megan Coilovers
Spyder Headlight retrofit
DDM 35W 5K
White EL wire

*Wish List
H- Brace
3m Gloss Black Vinyl Wrap(roof and trunk)

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About damn time you made one of these. You've got a longer list of mods than my old car did.

In for a before and after shot :p
I just can't wait to get my lip on.

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Just got my caliper rebuild kits, strut mounts, and speed bleeders. Still waiting on mini elm 327 code reader and slotted rotors. Still need to pick up pads and fluid.

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Hey maybe some day you'll make it to a mod meet... :hide:
Only when I'm done breaking my car :) if anyone wants to stop by either weekend I will be out working on my car :) or during the week? 9 day mod meet?

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Good luck sir, God knows you've had ridiculous problems when doing suspension work in the past.
The only problem so for was using the front and rear jacking points my car wouldn't clear the stands. Built a little platform out of 2x4s as a spacers and its in the air and have not broken a single thing as of yet. I couldn't be happier but we'll see how the brakes go :) maybe I should go throw my lip on now while I wait for a ride to the auto parts store.

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And moar snow is coming (like, really wtf?) So I would hold off on your lip for now IMO.
It needs a repaint this summer anyway so I might just mount it to see about the fit. Snow does not scare me :) salt on the other hand... My arch nemesis.

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Yeah, I can already hear my car yelling at me for all the salt on the roads....... it's a metal killer up here.
Time to get a winter beater :)
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