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Fall Cruise

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Eh Guys,

well for those who live on the outskirts of the city...u have no doubt noticed, that the leaves are startin to change colors slowly... and that means...its time for the annual Fall Cruise...and yes i know what u thinking...we never had one of those b4...well u are wrong...i have been goin for the last 3yrs...and been tryin to get more 6's going...but i think the only one that ever was remotly close to doing it...was zoomzoomfan...

so...on OCT 7, 2006...startin at 10am...

Ok, so me n CLaman have worked very hard on this route, and we think we have a nice combo of scenic yet great roads...

So, we start off in Bolton Timmy's Parking Lot...End off at Trafalgar and 401

starting address: 12596 Hwy 50, Bolton, ON
Time: 10am sharp


FuLL tank of GAS
Keep Reasonable speed, not jail worthy
Bring $5 for food (wraps n sandwiches, drinks and chips) picnic style at Terra Cota

Above all these, we want to have FUN...

So talk to your freinds, this is open for anyone, not jsut the 6 club...

The list....

1. Chris and Katie Laman + my little brother - CONFIRMED
2. 1FastM6 + 12 - CONFIRMED
3. ElenaJolie - +1 - CONFIRMED
4. Mazda6sMTX +1 - CONFIRMED
5. Balhar + 1 - CONFIRMED
7. Jns +1 - CONFIRMED
8. 99 RT EH + 3 - CONFIRMED
9. king_lam - CONFIRMED
10. Goldfinger - CONFIRMED
11. Robv + 1- CONFIRMED
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LOL gotta love you guys~

call me ;)

jks :p [/b]
dang it and I'm married now...jk It will work out for you Elena....things always work out for the just takes time to see what the bigger picture is

1fastM6....check your PM's....I've sent you my NEW home phone number, and my cell phone number.

If any others want my contact info...please pm me [/b]
Hey guys, I am interested to come. Let me know the date and time.
If you guys need help planning the route, give me a shout. I know a nice route we can take around the Niagara Escarpement.

Great we'd love to have you come......btw....welcome to the club :D
i dont think i want to do a 2 hour drive there and a 2 hour drive back...thats just a lil too much
Me n Chris will work somethin out, descent....promise u that much....

dotn take this the wrong way guys...but a cruise...usually means at least few hrs....not a half hr thing...we want to see n enjoy the fall...and all it has to lets not think of it as something that is a drag...lets instead embrace the opportunity to drive our cars for a bit, in a nice group, have a ncie group activity...

we'll try n keep it reasonble in terms of time n milege...
Whole heartedly agree with serge, but I'd like to add one more comment. Sometimes it's nice to go for a relaxing drive, enjoy the scenery, and admire the place in which we live. Often it's taken for granted what we really have.

Consider this....we could be in the Arizona desert with nothing but flat ground and fields of dust. Instead we have the beautiful array of colour, and a magical surrounding right on our doorsteps.

In our fast paced lives, we need to take some time for ourselves too. If we don't... we run the risk of straining our selves emotionally and physically.

Katie and I have always gone for a fall cruise just to get away from it all for a few hours. I myself feel its important but that is me.

We will figure something out that works for all of us, but it would be nice to get a good group together similar to what we had at the start of the season ...with the BBQ at my parents place.

We need to get the enthusiasm back into our club....we've trully fallen off the map. We used to be an enthusiastic bunch, we need to get that back.
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Well, I wouldn't pay too much attention to the time and mileage, cuz I'll think it's a road trip, just like go skiing or fishing. I really hope I could make it. Anyways, I'll try my best to manage my time. ;)
West go west!!! There are a few members from kitchener/waterloo that may be more interested if you come west closer to us. East works too, i go to kingstone every other weekend.
How about y'all cruise down to my neck of the woods?... now THAT'd be a cruise to remember.
Mine as well.
How about y'all cruise down to my neck of the woods?... now THAT'd be a cruise to remember.
Sounds like time for a Whistler meet! We joked about this a while ago...neet idea but too much $$$

Sorry I can't make this one folks...drowning in work and house mods...
Seriously, I'll just book a holiday if that really happens. It saves me more times and money.

Btw, I still haven't been some places in Ontario. There's too much to discover. ;)
ZoomZoomFan...that plan will be worked on for next summer...we defintely doin it...well u know i m doing it...n i m tryin to get few others as we gonna coem for a picnic in your neck of the woods...n i realyl want to see those woods ;)

i m thinking tha victoria is a great place to picnic ;) i have yet to be ther ;)

but once we pass the new yrs threshold...i think we gonna start workin on that tooo

but for nwo...we are workin on this...and too bad u aint here...
I don't see why you guys just join the c7 fall cruise
AIGHT...listen up....1FastM6....has got some plans he's going to want to share....he should be on here later on today, or tommorrow with some details!

It promises to be fun!
I think Serge wants to do the C7 Fall Cruise since he's done it a few times in the past. He's the one who told us about it last year.

What's wrong with Neons Balhar? SRT4's got quite some kick :)
ok, so i modified the first post with the details of the cruise...startin time n place n that other great info...

as for the c7 cruise, when i first started planing, i had no idea they were doing it as well this yr, cuz i know last yr it got cancelled....also...i personally wont be able to attend, cuz i have a wedding to be at in Atlanta, GA that weeekend...

so check out the first post for more info...and come on...make plans...i want to see this thing work...lets see that we still have spirit in this club...

for those who will still want more things to do together after cruise...we can join up with the 3club for a hang out in the afternoon...i talked to them last nite, and they are havin a meet at like 3pm in the 401 weston area...i will get more details by then...

p.s.: i should be rolling on my new 18s by the criuse, yeahhhhhh baby...cant wait...

Balhar the C7 is not a neon club ;) just FYI
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