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Fall Cruise

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Eh Guys,

well for those who live on the outskirts of the city...u have no doubt noticed, that the leaves are startin to change colors slowly... and that means...its time for the annual Fall Cruise...and yes i know what u thinking...we never had one of those b4...well u are wrong...i have been goin for the last 3yrs...and been tryin to get more 6's going...but i think the only one that ever was remotly close to doing it...was zoomzoomfan...

so...on OCT 7, 2006...startin at 10am...

Ok, so me n CLaman have worked very hard on this route, and we think we have a nice combo of scenic yet great roads...

So, we start off in Bolton Timmy's Parking Lot...End off at Trafalgar and 401

starting address: 12596 Hwy 50, Bolton, ON
Time: 10am sharp


FuLL tank of GAS
Keep Reasonable speed, not jail worthy
Bring $5 for food (wraps n sandwiches, drinks and chips) picnic style at Terra Cota

Above all these, we want to have FUN...

So talk to your freinds, this is open for anyone, not jsut the 6 club...

The list....

1. Chris and Katie Laman + my little brother - CONFIRMED
2. 1FastM6 + 12 - CONFIRMED
3. ElenaJolie - +1 - CONFIRMED
4. Mazda6sMTX +1 - CONFIRMED
5. Balhar + 1 - CONFIRMED
7. Jns +1 - CONFIRMED
8. 99 RT EH + 3 - CONFIRMED
9. king_lam - CONFIRMED
10. Goldfinger - CONFIRMED
11. Robv + 1- CONFIRMED
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Well, I wouldn't pay too much attention to the time and mileage, cuz I'll think it's a road trip, just like go skiing or fishing. I really hope I could make it. Anyways, I'll try my best to manage my time. ;)
Seriously, I'll just book a holiday if that really happens. It saves me more times and money.

Btw, I still haven't been some places in Ontario. There's too much to discover. ;)'s set too close to my test dates...
K...I'm in since it's a long weekend. It doesn't hurt to play for a day. ;)
btw, the starting location sounds kinda far...
i'm not too familiar with that area...
Anyone from Scarborough wanna cruise up there together?
Yea...I'll be interested to know as well. :drive:
So that means you just got sick of
For those who wanted to meet up before the starting loc.
whereabouts do you want to meet? I guess somewhere close to the 401 in Scarborough?? How about AMC @ Kennedy 401???
Yep AMC is good. So Jones and Tracy, would you please PM me ur contact info so that we won't get lost tomorrow.
See you there at 8:30am. Actually, we could meet at 9 but 8:30 will pretty much guarantee us to reach Bolton before 10. Of cuz, that includes some times taken to gather all the people before we leave TO.
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