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Failed emergency jack

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So I got a flat tire on my 6. No problem, that’s what spares are for and I work at a shop so it’s not the end of the world. I went to use the scissor jack that came with the vehicle and just as I was about to take my wheel off. The bottom part had bent which caused my car to fall right on the lower control arm and caused significant damage to the rocker panel. Given this car went through a certified pre-owned inspection less than a year ago, would the dealership be liable for this or would it be the manufacturer? Yes It was on the proper part of the pinch weld and it was chocked on a flat, even surface. All I know is that I almost lost my life and I’ve lost a good bit of value in my car due to this and I’m seeking compensation for this. Any and all advise is appreciated.
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The CPO was performed approximately 8 months ago. Upon further inspection this doesn’t even look like a factory scissor jack. From working at a Mazda dealership, it’s my understanding they are to inspect this when performing the checklist.
If you i) have an unambiguous (written) CPO inspection list, specifically speaking to inspection of the roadside safety equipment; ii) have some way of proving that the car was level, chocked, and the jack base surface was level and the jack was plumb... (photos of the car when the topple-over occurred?); and iii) you have a photo of the OEM jack and a comparative photo of the failed jack... then I'd say you have a chance to recoup some $. Otherwise I expect they'd claim user error.

Incidentally, did the failed jack have any weight rating sticker? Was there a Mazda symbol on it?

Glad there were no injuries; sorry this happened to you.

Good luck.
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Comprehensive claim on your insurance more than likely. My "CPO" had "never been in a wreck", but after a few looks at things, a deer hit a year after i bought it, it became clear the whole front end had been replaced or repaired. So, its up to you on how much you wanna push for a few bucks of "devaluing".
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