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I talked to donny and he has some that are left over and he is willing to sell them to me. Obviously accolade has them in stock along with our CVR buddies who have a secret stock pile. People said fitment wasnt very good, and i wanted to know is ABS plastic good enough quality, and how was the fitment from donny or who every u purchased it from?

Accolade is made of: FRP fibre reinforced plastics
RPM (donny): ABS plastic
CVR: ABS i belive.

^ if that makes any difference in quality.

EDIT: I also bought clear coat and 25v spray paint from paint scratch so i could succesfully paint it myself along with the fuse box and engine cover if the paint will hold the temperatures *fingers crossed*
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cmon people. surprised there no answer.
I have a unpainted set from Accolade, new, if you want to buy them from me. I have another set that is painted and I have put on my car... fitment is good, you just have to be careful putting it on. It might take a couple of trys to get it perfect.
If he doesn't want them, I will take them.

PM me.
I bought my from Pracing, wouldn't suggest them after their GB debacle but anyways... they were polyurethane and fit seemed nice. Painted them up and put them on, the look was nice but decided to take them off, I just didn't like the stick-on effect... you know like what's next the faux ram air vents?
I got stick on ones too...mine are carbon fiber and look pretty good. I never really liked the eyelid look but its grown on me. It was an impulse buy. They were a bit wide for my taste...but like a real gearhead I trimmed them down to my liking. They were fairly inexpensive...even for the fiber.

I couldn't tell ya a name..but probably still have the site I got them from if you are interested.
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