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Euro-spec Mazda6 SkyActiv-D i-ELOOP?

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This is a question for the folks on the eastern side of the Atlantic. Does the Mazda6 SkyActiv-D wagon come with the i-ELOOP system? I'm asking because I am seeing a Jap-Spec 2013 Mazda Atenza SkyActiv-D on sale in Jamaica at a VERY tempting price. I've been waiting to see one of these come on the market for what I can pay and I think I've found one. I'm actually not on-island at the moment so it might slip me by, however. The seller says that all that's amiss (yeah, right) are two front struts and roof paint that needs "a bit of wax and polish or spray if u wish". But a few questions popped into my head: What is the cost of the i-ELOOP alternator and capacitor should...ehem...WHEN...they go bad? I don't think the i-ELOOP alternator on the US-spec Mazda3 will fit the 2.2L diesel, and I don't think the SkyActiv-D CX5 came with i-ELOOP. So that means I am hoping that our Euro friends can shed some light on this.

1. Does the Euro- or UK-spec SA-D cars come with i-ELOOP?
2. If so, what is the cost of the alternator and the capacitor?

Anything else you can tell me would be awesome. My plan is to get rid of the DPF system if and when I do get this (or any other diesel Mazda). Before the emissions police jump out to arrest, try, and sentence me, no such emissions laws exist in Jamaica, so I am free to do whatever I like.

Mazda Atenza 2,2L 2013-1
Mazda Atenza 2,2L 2013-2
Mazda Atenza 2,2L 2013-3
Mazda Atenza 2,2L 2013-4
Mazda Atenza 2,2L 2013-5
Mazda Atenza 2,2L 2013-6
Mazda Atenza 2,2L 2013-7
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Ive heard anywhere from $4-8k.
Okay then. This is obviously NOT something that excites me...moving along...
Right! Replacing the capacitor negates all the fuel savings. It's like you are saving fuel expenses and at the cost of that capacitor, or even greater. Good thing I don't have one.
Exactly! I wonder if these manufacturers...yes Mazda included...stop to think what these space-age technologies will cost us years down the line when the systems do fail. Now I'm beginning to think that the previously "tempting" price might actually be the devil calling me to my own destruction! I can't help but wonder if there is some problem developing and the owner is ditching it at that low low price.

I wonder how easy it would be to convert the car to a regular system?
Mine is a UK spec 2.2D SportNAV with i-Eloop and i-stop. The capacitors do not fail very often but if they do they are around £250 used so not a game stopper.

I'm actually changing my saloon for an estate/wagon next.
That doesn't sound so bad. I did some checking around and I'm seeing the US versions going for just under US$700 at the dealership. I'm seeing some used out of Poland for the equivalent of under US$500. The Polish items have a different part number entirely so I suspect they may be the diesel parts. Either way, it's not too bad...much lower than $4k.
UPDATE: I checked back on the site and it seems the car has been sold. I pretty much figured that this would happen since I'm not in-country at the moment. But I did learn quite a bit and hopefully the next one I see I'll be able to check it out and maybe grab it. I'll keep you guys in the loop.
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Moments ago I learnt that there is a guy in Jamaica who is performing the DPF delete on SkyActiv-Ds! This is getting better and better! I will now be seriously looking out...
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Top. Do you need a diesel though. They're good on fuel but round town not mega.

I'm actually looking at getting the 2L petrol next in estate/wagon flavour.

Looked at this but it has sold.. :(

Let us know how you get on.
I don't need need need a diesel, but every bit helps. Jamaica (where the car will be) is a pretty mountainous place and that makes any run outside of the major built-up areas likely to have high consumption figures. I make those runs several times per month so it makes sense. Also, diesel fuel is marginally cheaper than gas (that's changing, admittedly) so that's also a plus.

That wagon that you were looking at seems nice. My only issue would be that smallish 2.0 lump. Sigh. Remember the days when a Cavalier or a Sierra would be available with a carbureted 8V 1.6L...the company car special...and that would be sufficient? Maaaan...the days when a Cavalier SRi 2.0 16v and a Sierra Sapphire 2.0 Ghia were aspirational models. Back in those days a 2.0L 16v was expected to put out some 150hp in the sportiest models. Now, that's what the base model cars are coming with. Progress indeed.
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