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EPISODE M. 10 Years of Street Unit performance

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this one. The first one doesn't really show any details, but does have a link to go here:

Friday: SU Fresh Mazda Meet - 7-9PM
Saturday: Episode M - 10AM-4PM
Sunday: Breakfast Feast - 10AM
[sync your calendars]

web site to register

Event sponsors
[8/21] Costco, Partner
​[8/20] Turbosmart, Partner
​[8/17] ​SURE Motorsports, Partner
​[8/17]​ Secured group rates at hotel 3 miles away from event. Animal friendly hotel! Posting details soon.
​[8/16] EpisodeM tee shirt is designed!
​[8/14] TirePlus, Partner
[8/13] Forum Community, partner.
​​​[8/12] Confirmed! Mazda enthusiasts flying in from... the UNITED KiNGDOM!
​[8/10] EM Flyers ready for distribution, visit webpage
​[8/09] MazdaMovement, Partner
​​[8/08] Event will benefit TEARS & Seminole Animal Shelter. Pets will be available for adoption!
​[8/07] Jato Project, Partner
more to come!

hotels that are sponsoring the event.
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Needs to be MOAR close to home :(

Sent with my flux capacitor.
yeah, florida is a nice place to have it but quite far from us northern mazdas
Wish there was some way to make this happen for me lol
Street Unit Performance, Inc.
350 Anchor Rd, Building 1050
(321) 296-0777

CASSELBERRY, FL Oct. 20, 2012-- It’s the most anticipated international Mazda event of the year, and it will not disappoint.
This year’s EpisodeM will feature booths showcasing various Mazda specialists, special guests including NFL Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas, custom Mazdas, food from California Pizza Kitchen and Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, music, family friendly activities, a VIP area, and Mazda gear for the ultimate Mazda enthusiast.
Street Unit Performance has been orchestrating Mazda functions since 2005 and is committed to the Orlando community, and that includes our furry friends. All event proceeds will be donated to the Seminole County Animal Shelter and T.E.A.R.S. (Together Every Animal Receives Support).
Animals will be up for adoption looking for loving homes, and the Seminole County K-9 Unit will be presenting exciting police dog demonstrations throughout the day.
“We are dedicated to Mazda and that makes for an awesome event, and it benefits our furry four-legged friends,” said Street Unit Performance, Inc. President Cullen Mariacher. “We are working very hard on this event; the experience can be enjoyed by enthusiasts of all ages.”
EpisodeM will take place on Saturday, Oct. 20 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Street Unit Performance headquarters (350 Anchor Rd. Building 1050, Casselberry, FL 32707). For more information and to register, visit EpisodeM.

For more information on EpisodeM, or to schedule an interview with event coordinators, please contact Michelle Paul at 407.416.6454
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One more week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flip, will you be updating this thread with pics and such after this happens? :)
will upload stuff from others. I barely know how to turn a camera on, let alone take photos and edit them.
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today is the start of the big event. Look forward to seeing people!
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