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EPA Names Mazda As Most Fuel Efficient Brand... AGAIN!

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For the fourth consecutive year, the US Environmental Protection Agency has named Mazda as the most fuel efficient vehicle brand. Based on MY2015 number, Mazda achieved a corporate average of 29.6MPG. In other honors, US News and World Reports gave Mazda the nod as their Best Car Brand for 2016

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A lot has to do with mazda having no trucks or full sized SUVs in its line up. When you take a fleetwide average, manufacturers with heavier and bigger vehicles are always at a disadvantage.
That's a good point. On the flip side, look at Hyundai/Kia. They are perhaps the closest aligned to Mazda in terms of product offerings (meaning no trucks or large SUVs). Plus they have their Hybrid models... yet Mazda topped them.
Good point about Kia. The model range is essentially the same except for the Kia 900. I think it's hilarious and testament to Mazda's rethinking of ICE that they are surpassing Toyota and their Hybrids.
KIA has Cadenza,K900 and Sedona along with Sportage and Sorento. Comparison with Toyota is hardly fair since Toyota has a full sized Tundra, Tacoma, Sequoia and truck based 4Runner along with Highlander,Sienna and Avalon - all bigger vehicles than what Mazda has. I think Hyundai and Subaru are probably the only fair comparison with similar model line up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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