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Enormous fuel consumption

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Drivin a 2016 Atenza AWD Diesel. The range is massive low. So what can I do? DPF isnt full, fuel filter is new. Dashboard shows me max range of 450km at 1/1 fuel
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Check your plugs, MAF, etc. It's very odd to have a diesel so low - what kind of driving are you doing, mostly city? How do you drive - heavy foot?

Also, that dash max range is cumulative based on the overall avg MPGs. Average MPGs are calculated for your total combined driving since the last time you reset it - so the more you drive between resetting it, the slower it moves.

It uses the average to calculate the max, so if your average is low it'll think max is low. For example: if you do a ton of city driving and average is 30, then you hop on the highway for a few days you'll notice the "miles remaining" will go down very slowly as it adjusts to your new average.
I'm drivn 75% on the highway around 120kph. My battery died a week ago, so he will calculate new terms. Thanks for info
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