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i have 2.0 petrol engine in my mazda 6 2009 with 108kw

so i have this problem.
engine ticks at low throttle and when you floor it and let go of throttle it starts ticking when it drops down to 1200rpm down till 800rpm.

on highway no matter the speed or rpm,when i press the throttle pedal just a little bit it ticks like crazy,but when i press it harder it stops.

other issue is that it is in shop right as we speak.

its not rod bearing,not chain,valves,manifold etc. its all good.

what they have discovered is that when you unplug the cylinder number 1 it stops ticking,but when measuring compression cylinder one is good,but cylinder number 4 doesnt have compression at all.

anyone has any ideas what the problem may be?

my other option is to swap an engine. so i was looking into 2.5 and how hard would that be to put inside since i have 2.0. if anyone has any experience please share
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