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Hi fellow Mazdareans :)

I have just changed my thermostat, once everything was back together I warmed up the car with the radiator cap off then tried to squeeze air out of the top pipe. about halfway through the process warming up I Put the heater on.

I went for a drive and the temp hit 120C so I pulled over in a panic blasted the heater with the AC on to kick in the fans and the temp came back down. I drove home (about 10 min) and the car sat around 100C.

I went through the process of trying to get the air out again then went for another drive for about 15 min going from stop start and cursing at 70kmph and the temp did not go over 91C

A few questions if someone wouldn't mind helping out.

1. Should it be safe to drive now or should I try to get more air out?
2. Is there more I can do to get the air out?
3. Is 91c safe for these engines?

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