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Mazda 6 (AT) 2003 Luxury Sports Edition
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Hi all,

New to this forum, thought I'd make an account seeing as I keep coming to the website on occasion.
I have a problem that I cant quite figure out and would appreciate some help if your able.

When driving early in the morning to go to work after about 5 minutes I stop at a stop light.
While stopped my car idles poorly then eventually shuts off. I turn it back on and it runs bad but eventually fixes itself.

Took it to the mechanic to see if he could fix it and said that he doesn't know exactly whats wrong but did some things to try and hopefully fix the problem.
The mechanic did the following:

Cleaned the Throttle Body
Cleaned MAF Sensor
Cleaned Idle Air Control Valve
Tested the fuel pump and said that it was working fine

The only way that I can drive this car now is that I let it run for 10 mins in the driveway and it hasn't stalled since doing that although having to always wait 10 minutes gets to be a pain.

Any help would be awesome as I have just dealt with it for ages but after seeing how helpful this forum has been to some people I though I would give it a shot.

Thankyou in advance :)
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