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This is a warranty item that should be covered under your policy. The problem is they can revoke your warranty for the mount since you have an aftermarket CAI on it under the pretence that it adds more torque and/or HP to the system. Is this true or a fact? Nope, but they can use that to wiggle out of it if they really want to avoid the cost.
True that....that's why I show my face to my dealership manager every so often and at the same time try my best to bring in some friends to see if they want a good deal on a partime job from Active Duty Air Force is a Mazda Bird Dog. Today my friend just bought a bran new 03 Mazda3 Hatch for 18,5....fully loaded without leather seats....because I've been doing this, when i brought my ATX in to have a look at my engine as well for the whole 5th gear rev and actually missing 6th gear, they told me they'd fix it and it ended up being an engine mount crack as well. I have a Mazdaspeed CAI and they actually told me that it didn't matter....Luckily I show face to them and they're nice right back, it's good to get in good with the dealer even though their mechanics don't know half as much as most moderators on this site.

P.S. - Did anyone know that the Rabbit from VW is a whopping 23k brand new at dealer price? My friend got a fully loaded 3 for 18,5!! What's wrong with some dealers? Frickin Alaska I tell u!
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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