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Engine cover, opinions needed...

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Ok so i went and bought a can of red plastic paint that looked as close to color matched to the red tubing on my intake so I could paint my engine cover. I was about to but a metallic silver sharpie and paint in the letters using that for this look: but then started to think more about it. I have a canister of touch up paint from Mazda that is color matched to my color code. I was thinking of doing the letters and emblem in the bright island blue. So it would look like the link i attached but instead of silver lettering it'd be bright island blue with the rest in black/red. what do you guys think of that idea?
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I think that sounds like a great idea but it would be incredibly difficult and time consuming. I would like to see the result if you do decide to do it!
the lettering is all that would probably be done in the BIB not everything that was done in silver on the cover i linked to. i plan to start tonight on the red and continue with the blue asap :D.
imo opinion i dont think the bib will look good with red and black. i think there is just to much going on. but it would be unique.
so in turn do you think the red/silver one i linked to looks to busy? it's no different really just a different filler color.
im doing my color coded engine paint with a little clear coat on top to make it shine and silver sharpie. Although i do have a lapis blue car, and my theme is more of a silver and blue on my car. So silver and blue work perfect.
alright well i pulled off the cover tonight, i start the paint process tomorrow and i'm hoping it'll be done drying by sunday. 2 coats of red and a clear coat sound good?
ok so the BIB looks like crap with the red as it clashes HORRIBLY in color. i'm painting the lines silver tonight and if anyone wants to trade with me their stock+ 15 for this one let me know i'll post pics tomorrow.
i'd like to see how your's turns out... i had the same problem of trying to find the right color paint as the one you have shown above. anyone know what brand and where to get it at?
well i've painted it all silver and today i'm going to try laying the BIB i have over the silver on a small part (oil cap area) to see how it looks. if that looks good then i'll lay down the BIB on the rest and use the silver metallic sorta like a base coat/primer :D.
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