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Have you ever looked underneath your car? Have you ever wondered why they had to shrink the gas tank over a normal 6? Do you think all that AWD hardware out back that doesn't exist on a "normal 6" might add some weight, especially in the rear? Let's not even consider the extra bracing the chassis has over the american built 6's. Finally, I don't see anywhere in the thread where people claimed the extra weight was sprung, or unsprung, so I'm not sure what your point is.

Also, did we need to resurrect this almost 2 year old thread for that? The MS6 weighs more than any of the other 6's. Eibach has never made a spring for the MS6, they just have them for the other 6's. When the MS6 first came out, some people tried them, and were very disappointed. There is a big difference between simply fitting, and working well.[/b]

Here's the extent of Eibach's extensive "testing":

PS. God, I miss Mazda6tech.
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