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Eastern Meet?!

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I'm in Louisville, Ky. Anyone around here that wants to set up a meet? :D!
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Not exactly next door myself but on the subject of eastern meets. Try and make it out to EECMM(Epic East Coast Mazda Meet) this year. It would be nice to not be the only 2nd gen again. Trust me you would enjoy it as well. US Route 129 at Deal's Gap is one of my favorite roads to drive.

I would also be up for anything that is a bit closer to myself. Don't mind driving 3-4 hours but the 6.5 to Louisville is a bit far for a day meet up to me.
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I just might try and make it! Seems fun. I would love to see all the other Mazdas!
I forgot to mention. The closer you get to me the cheaper your gas will get :D. It was $2.90 today and it has been getting lower everyday. Honestly though I don't mind doing some driving if some south easterners want to meet up somewhere within a few hours for a day meet. My local club is not doing anything until EECMM in August so I'm getting cabin fever here haha.
I want to meet other 6'ers so bad!
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