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So right now i have semi unlimited accsess to a dyno for the next 9 weeks.
I figured why not make some runs and do some stuff. I mean who wouldn't..... Right.
Anyway i just did my base run today and everything after this will be a run after i've changed stuff.


Dynojet is what im running it on.

Ok on to the the base line.
The car: 2006 Mazda 6
2.3L NA
Trans: ATX
73000 miles
Mods: Weapon R SRI
Timing Advance

3rd gear pull

Future mods:
Fitch Fuel Catalyst
Delete Intake Baffels
Port and Polish Head
Used Header (forget the brand at the moment)
Balance Shaft Delete

Thats the little list i have at the moment. More may be added but well see.
After each install i will make a run on the dyno and see what happens and post up the results.

Latest run.

Mods: SRI
Timeimg Advance
Fitch Fuel Catalyst

3rd gear pull

Sorry for the shitty pic off the computer screen but the printer was broke. Tomorrow it should be fixed and ill print off the dyno graph and post it up.

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That's pretty good for an '93 Altima auto put down the exact same amount with warm air intake years back but about 135wtq before header, exhaust, pulley, etc.

Any updates on the mods?
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