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I am having a problem with my Mazda 6 2009 and I need your help guys. I was on a highway traveling between to cities and suddenly the engine light illuminated on dashboard.
After few kilometers the following lights has illuminated permanently. (TCS and DCS off)



At the same time the tachometer goes down during drving from 4 to 1 and I can not accelerate for few seconds (feels like someone else Is taking over the driving for few seconds) I regain the driving power by changing the gear, and then the car is back to normal. This issue repeats 4-5 times during a 30 min trip which might be dangerous.

I have taken a OBD test of the car which showed the following errors:

I tried to reset those errors and the car was normal for two days without any error during the driving. No the problem is back again and I am really frustrated about it. How can I solve this issue?

Thanks in advance!
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