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After having a new bumper fitted the following occurred

1. DSC Off Light is on
2. Brake warning light is on
3. Horn doesn’t work
4. Brake lights are not working
5. 10A Brake light fuse is blown

However when this first happens you thing it is related to the DSC. The underlying issue was the brake light fuse blowing. Turns out a wire was pinched when the rear light cluster was replaced.

Here is how the issue is found
1. The fuse is in the engine bay Fuse box under a cover
2. Take one from the spares on the left hand side fuse in foot well in the front seat / just by the door. There is a row of three spare fuses / the back of the covers have a fuse map
3. Replace the fuse (10a) and get someone behind the car to watch the brake lights
4. Activate the brake pedal, there will be a short period where the unaffected lights will come on. In my case , 2 out of 3. That isolates the area although blows another fuse!
5You can access the rear light cluster retainers from inside the back of the car
6 Fix the pinched wire
7 Replace the fuse again
8 The brake lights work , the horn works and the DSC OFf warning light goes off when you start the engine.

The fuses are micro blade fuses They are NOT mini blade!

The horn doesn’t work even if it is only a brake light fuse.
The DSC OFF Light and Brake warning comes on even if it is only a brake light fuse.
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