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My 2006 has factory HID's but I don't like having a mix of white and yellow lights and since the DRL's are always ON, I wanted to have a whiter look during the day.
I ordered some H11 LEDs light bulbs to replace the fog lights and some W5W (aka 194) LEDs to replace what I thought were the DRL's. I used to own a 2004 and in this model those were the DRL's (called parking lights in the manual).

To my surprise and after the W5W's arrived, I found that the 2006 with HID's uses the same halogen H1's on reduced power as DRL. The high beam continues to be the same H1 but the W5W which is mounted next to the H1 does nothing....

There is no way for me to replace the H1 with inexpensive LEDs and still have functional high beams, I'm just for the looks, not trying to improve lightning as the HID's do and ok job.

Guess my only option is to reroute the DRL's to the W5W... anyone tried this? Am I missing something here?
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