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I have very low miles on my '17 Mazda6, but while tensioners are being discussed can I ask folks to kindly answer my question(s) regarding what I believe is a "belt stretch" scale on the body of the tensioner? On the non-moving casting portion of the tensioner there appear to be three "strikes". Opposite, on the moving portion of the tensioner, there is what appears to be a hexagonal part... and one corner of the hex appears to indicate against the three strikes. I've taken the liberty, on my attached photo, of very subtly enhancing the three strikes and the hex corner with a graphics program, so folks can better understand what I'm referring to.

Could folks please explain the scale, and when the belt stretch becomes "rejectable" (meriting a changeout of the belt)?

I have to say I'm confused because @tickerguy , with an OEM tensioner on his '15, said the scale is visible using a light and a mirror. The scale is underneath... My "scale" is topside-viewable. I illuminate it using my Joby light. "Joby" is visible in my photo. Then again, I may be looking at the wrong item... on my '17 car.

Anyone who takes the time to answer - I thank in advance!


1 - 4 of 14 Posts