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I received an OEM trunk lip spoiler that did not come with the drilling template. It has the 3M mounting tape and 4 mounting bolts and I am nervous to free hand it. The mounting bolts to not come off from what I can tell. I bought it from a 3rd party for a great price and they do not have it either. Thankfully it's paint matched, has the Mazda part numbers and stamping, and has the factory plastic coverings on it so I'm 99.9999% certain it's not a reproduction.

I contacted the dealership that I buy my OEM parts from normally to see if they had one but do not and don't have the spoiler in stock to copy one.

Does anyone happen to have one for a 2016 Mazda 6 trunk lip spoiler? I am hoping I don't have to bring it in to my local dealership as I do not trust their work or honesty in the slightest after my last 2 visits and may take it to a trusted body shop if I can't find the template.

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