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DPF Removal Problem

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So I just purchased a 2006 Mazda 6 Sakata 2.0 Turbo Diesel.
Within the first week of driving the DPF light started flashing on the dash. This caused a huge loss in power, especially when climbing hills (So much that I can't even overtake a bus) however the vehicle still appears to run fine.. Still starts perfectly, Still able to drive in all gears fine. It's just very slow and take a long time to get up to speed.

So I contacted the Dealer who was surprised as he told me that the DPF had been removed and that it shouldn't be the problem.
Anyway he told me to take it to his Mechanic who removed the DPF originally free of charge as the Vehicle was still under warranty.

So I did.
They plugged their scan tool in and cleared the DPF in about 20 minutes and I drove off.

The car ran perfectly. I had all my power back and everything ran sweet for the next 3 days. Until it came back on again...

So I took the car straight back and they did the same thing and it was fine for another few days until the flashing DPF came on again!

This time I took it back and said I want it fixed permanently!
So they had the car for about a week and when I went to pick it up he told me that the problem will never come back and that the vehicles ECU doesn't recognise that there is a DPF on the vehicle at all! even much so that a scan tool wont even recognise DPF as a feature when you plug it in.

So I took it for a drive and the DPF light was gone (both when you put the key in the ignition and when you start it) which was good I suppose.

The car drove no differently. It still had no power at all, still struggles up hills bla bla bla. So I drove right back and explained to him in a very angry manner.

He told me that he had done his job and that the DPF is fully removed from the electrical side of the vehicle however the actual DPF unit was still in the exhaust and that's why it runs like it does (which I didn't know as the dealer told me it had been removed). Anyway he said that his job is done and that they only specialise in the electrical side and that the hardware side would have to be removed at an exhaust shop.

I told him that's weird as every other time I've come in, they've cleared the fault and its always run perfectly apart from the fact the problem comes back within a few days and that the problem must be his "electrical" side!

Anyway after a long argument we came to an agreement that I would get the DPF removed from the exhaust and if the problem was still there that I would bring it back to him to fix free of charge.

So I did! I got the DPF removed along with its sensors and pressure lines attached and the car ran no different. Even with DPF, sensors and pressure hoses removed the car ran no different, no lights on the dash, no power bla bla..

So I took it straight back to the mechanic (Who has the car right now as we speak)

I called him about an hour ago for an update and he told me that he has plugged his scan tool in and that the vehicle is showing no fault codes and all and that he is trying to figure out what is wrong with it.

Anyway just wanting to see if anyone on here has any ideas as to what's wrong with it in case this clown can't figure it out??
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Yes the car felt as if it were in limp mode.

Well all the sensors have been removed completely and the pressure lines have been blocked off (That's what the "Mechanic" wanted). The only sensor left in the exhaust is the o2 sensor.

The DPF unit has been completely removed and replace with a straight pipe (Also what the Mechanic asked me to do).

Well I hope that's not the case with the sensors because the unit has been left with the Exhaust shop for disposal.

I have called the workshop today however and he claims to have restored all the vehicles power and that he's finishing off a couple more things with he ECU and that it should be ready to pick up this afternoon (fingers crossed).

I will update if the problem gets fixed.

Thanks for the info Chief Tool.
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Almost fixed...

Just got my car back and besides the engine temperature gauge now being out of calibration, the problem itself is "almost" fixed.

I have driven the car for the last 2 days now. The DPF light is gone completely and hasn't come back on and the car drives beautifully..

However the car only drives perfectly for about 20 minutes on the motorway before it slips back into its old ways and I lose all power again. However if I pull over, turn the car off and back on, It drives perfectly fine again for another 20 minutes or so before I have to turn it off and on again.

I called the mechanic yesterday and told him about the problem. - He said he will recalibrate the temp gauge which isn't a problem. And as for the other problem he wanted me to see if it happens again (which it did this morning on my way to work) So I will have to call him today and see what's happening.

I will keep this post updated until the problems fixed..
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Problem fixed

Eventually my car went back to the way it was and lost all power again permanently so I took it back to the mechanic so he could do some more work on it. He said he had some different software he could use on the ECU.

So I took the vehicle in and picked it up the next day.

The car runs perfectly now, all my power is back, no flashing lights anywhere and I have driven it for the last 2 1/2 days now without any problems what so ever. He did however forget to recalibrate the engine temp gauge which he said I can bring in when I have time so he can fix it. Says it'll take about an hour so I plan on doing that sometime next week :)

Anyway I'm happy with how the car is running now. And once the temp gauge is sorted it'll be running exactly how it did when I bought it :)

I'm not sure exactly how he's "fixed" it. All he told me is "he used some different software".

Hopefully this problem doesn't come back but for now it seems like its definitely been resolved.

Thanks chief tool for all your info. I hope this is a permanent fix and its not just in "warm up mode" :)
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Temperature gauge has been fixed. Car still runs perfectly. Can't fault it.

If anyone in New Zealand needs to know where I got the work done in case someone is having the same problems. All work was done at Prestige Motors, Mt Wellington, Auckland.

Took a very long time. I took the car in 6 times before they solved the problem and they has my car for a total of approx. 2 1/2 weeks

However it didn't cost me a thing as my car was covered by warranty so I am very happy.
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