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This sounds very similar if not the same as issues others have reported here, but I thought I'd seek advice on next steps in any case.

My car has recently started to lose power after 50 or so miles cruising in 6th gear at just over 2k rpm, either with or without cruise control engaged. It's clearly the management system protecting the engine. The problem goes away after a while if I change down and run it at 3k+ rpm of a bit or drive on smaller roads in 3rd or 4th gear.

The other day the DPF light actually came on (solid), but cleared after 15 minutes of thrashing around some country lanes - nothing crazy, just 3rd/4th gear at 3k rpm.

It's doing this pretty consistently at high speed cruising, which is a bit annoying, even if it is easily cleared.

I spoke to my garage (not a Mazda dealer) who said they could take a look to see if the computer is reporting errors, but seem to think this is pretty par for the course for diesels if they're not getting enough heat. Should I accept that I regularly have to drop down into 5th on the motorway to keep the DPF happy or should I get it checked out? It does seem like a recent development which is why I think there's something wrong as opposed to business as usual.

Any and all advice welcomed.
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