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I have a 2005 mazda 6 3.0 and the driver side front door will not open with either door handles took the panel off to access the rods on the latch assembly still nothing tried moving it to lock and unlock a few times still will not open?
Any suggestions and help would be much appreciated

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oh boy, your lock spring broke.
You will have to remove the inner door panel with the door closed. (you can skip to # 8)
1. climb into the car from the passenger side.
2. Remove the screws from behind the latch trim, under the armrest cup.
3. move the seat all the way forward and remove the lens from the door puddle light to remove the last screw.
4. Pull the tweeter by the side view mirror straight out.
5. Pull the door panel out, from the puddle light all the way around, working your way towards the front of the car. It needs to lift straight up along the glass (can't do that yet).
6. Remove all the electrical connectors you can,(door lock switch, window controls, tweeter)
7. With the door panel pulled away from the door, (and raising the rear of the panel off the window sill) pull hard towards the rear of the car to break the last 2 door rivets that you can't remove with the door closed.
8. Looking inside the door with a light you should see the door latch mechanism cover.

it should look like the image below.
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If we look at it from the inside (which you can't when it is installed because the door needs to be opened to remove it) it will look like the picture below.

Auto part

The lever outlined in red needs to me moved up for the door to be able to unlock. You will have to reach around the plastic and feel for the lever and raise it.

I am including two more images. The first one will sow the spring unattached (not functional) and the scond one will show the spring attached.

Bend a new loop and attach the spring once you remove the mechanism.

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Use a TORX TX30 bit to remove the three bolts holding the latch assembly in place.

Good Luck.
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