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Some answers....since I didn't see any explicitly answering the question:

You do not have to replace the rotors when you get new pads.

If you are going to a high performance pad, check the manufacturers site. If you HAVE to either turn or go new on the rotors, they will tell you so. I can tell you from experiance that Hawk Blue pad material is NOT compatible with OEM type material. I didn't check before using. Fortunately, this was on an Audi and they replaced both front calipers which had melted the seals.

If you do bring the rotors to be turned, the machinist (machine shops tend to be cheaper than auto parts shops....and know what they're doing) will tell you without even looking it up....what the min thickness is. It's stamped on the rotor.

Always use solid, non slotted, non drilled rotors. They're the most effective, cheapest and least prone to problems. On the track, they're a must.

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