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Do you have DBW on your M6 ??

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Hi just wondering if the M6 in your area comes with "drive by wire" system or the normal cable operated like the ones in Australia here? Thx for any feedback on this.These are the pics for the cable system in my M6,so wondering if they look identicle on yours?

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Originally posted by M6Gr8

            Haha..are you serious ?? :D :D No I am just an amateur but very keen photographer :) Thx for the compliment anyway. Oh back to the topic.Wonder if you can have a look under the bonnet and confirm if it is indeed like the one on my pic?Oh just noticed you are still awaiting for your M6.Perhaps some one else may.Or if you have a chance at all plz do it for me.Cuz I am really interested in what the other country's M6 is like besides the Australian M6.[/b]

Hi M6Gr8

Here's pic of my 6... Not sure whether it is Drive By Wire or not coz I did not take the bonnet off..

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damn not again.. why my pics always not work in this forum...

try this please
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