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Has anybody tried to mount a third party parking sensor set. I want to, but I don't know where to get the 12 volt from the reverse light.
If I tap it from the light itself, it is difficult to find a proper way to get the wire in the trunk of my hatchback (where I have to place the control unit).

If someone has an idea, I like to hear (read) it.

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I have installed parking sensors in my 2003 Sportbreak (wagon) last week, and it was no big deal.

I checked the color of the revering light power supply, in my case the color of the wire is orange/yellow with silver dots. The left and right reversing light are connected to a main power wire by a connector hidden behind the 3rd brake light (on the top of the boot lid of the wagon). The 3rd tail light can easily be pulled off so I could see that the main power wire was orange/yellow (now without the silver dots).

I followed the wiring loom to the left rear of the car. In the wiring loom I located the orange/yellow wire and took the power from there.

This is the location where I found the wiring loom in my station wagon. I assume the sedan is no different.

(the picture is of a sedan)

The wiring loom is located on the top right of the picture (or just behind the handle to drop the rear seat).

To access this part of the car you can follow the next link to a guideline how to remove the rear bumper of a Sedan.

For a station wagon follow the next steps access the wiring loom.
1) pull off the plastic protection strip that covers left and right side of the trunk lock. it is held by metal fasteners (no screws)
2) Remove everything from the boot, and remove the storage tray that is located on top of the spare wheel.
3) Remove the left side of the plastic floor covering. However there is a black plastic piece that is holding back the carpeting. It is attached by four plastic fasteners. You need to lift the middle part to enable to remove the pieces.

Now loosen (or remove) the plastic strip beneath the left side window to be able to pull back the trunk carpeting
4) Remove the bolds behind the 3 metal "rings" used to strap down luggage. One located at the bottom, the other two in the plastic strip beneath the left side window.
5) Remove the screw behind the lever that drops the left side of the rear seats.
6) Remove the screw that holds the plastic strip near the trunk-lid.
7) Remove the plastic pieces that hold back the trunk carpeting.

After drilling some holes in the bumper and the spare-wheel tray and I could feed the wires back into the car and connect them to the main unit. The main unit is taped with double-sided-tape to the side of the car, behind the trunk carpeting.

I have the next unit installed , but with 4 sensors. I spray painted the sensors to mach them to the color of the car.
I hope this will help other DIY enthusiasts.

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My car came with parking sensors, I think the dealer called them "mirrors"

I'm jut kidding, the writeup above looks good and I think the install would be simple enough but the mounting my prove to be tough and getting it to look good with the back of the car could prove to be a hassel. What brand sensors were you looking to get?
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