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Yep, all of this to retain the factory fog stalk and ability to use factory harness. It's probably 1000 times easier to run an aux relay w/ an external switch.... but that's no fun.
This is EXACTLY my approach when I do mods on my car. I want them to look and feel factory. Otherwise, where's the fun in doing it 馃槈 excellent write up and photo documentation @chutoyy .

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Just completed this today per OP instructions and pics. I wanted to use the fogs as DRLs w/out the headlights as I lost my DRL functionality when I swapped in LEDs for the high beam bulbs. Found another post it fix it but that's for another day - requires a special wire harness w/ resistors.

My notes:
-my new cabin relay didn't have any pin numbers. 85/86 are the low power switch pins which will pass a continuity test while 87/30 are the high power pins that are normally open circuit.
- my add-a-fuse had two fuse slots and both needed fuses installed to work.
- for the firewall wire, I pulled the rubber stopper edge away from the engine bay and was able to push a stiff wire w/ good insulation around it rather than poking a hole through it. There is a metal edge but it shouldn't rub once it's through.

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@chutoyy I need your help bro!

So I have a european version stalk switch and I want to wire the rear fog to work independently. My issue is that the switch is spring loaded. When I turn the stalk switch to turn ON the rear fog, it automatically goes back to front fog position. Are there any relay of some sort that I can use in order to keep it ON or OFF when I need to?



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