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Imgur is the where is at
You're welcome for pointing you there ;)

Also, sorry about the OP's images - looks like he doesn't even have a photobucket account any more, so those images are long gone unless someone saved a copy of this page locally or the photos themselves.

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My mission has begun (I think I messed up and I'm missing a picture) but this should be good enough. I need to be released from my chains to continue my work without any interruptions.

Lowering Spring Installation (2014 Mazda 6):

H&R Sport Spring Installation
H&R Part Number 52634.

I thought I'd post this to help out other fellow Mazda 6 owners interested in installing lowering springs. I'm not a professional mechanic, so please use this as a reference only.

1. Support front of car with jackstands. Remove front tires (Lug Nuts = 21mm)

2. Remove the clips attached to the front strut assembly [speed sensor, brake line, swaybar end link). The brake line and speed sensor lines are just "clipped" onto the strut
for support. No need to do anything but remove the mounting clips. The sway bar end link is 14mm. This is to remove all interference "connected" to the strut.

3. Support the lower control arm with a floor jack, then loosen the strut top nut. The easiest way is to have a special socket as shown (17mm) to allow the needed torx (T-40) L-wrench room to prevent the center shaft from spinning as the strut top nut is being loosened. Another way is to use a common open end wrench and torx.

4. Then slowly lower the jack to drop the strut down. Therefore relieving the spring tension. I then loosened the spindle to strut mounting nuts (23mm). Drop the lower control arm down far enough to remove the strut/spring assembly. You'll have to remove the spindle/strut bolts to remove the strut (bolts are 21mm).

5. I then removed the top suspension strut bearing by removing the three nuts shown.
Swap the stock spring with the sport spring. Install the lowering spring onto the strut by pressing the removed suspension strut bearing down onto the strut. This will compress the sport spring enough to start threading the strut top need to fully tighten the strut top nut yet.

Stock vs H&R sport spring.

6. Feed the strut back up into the car. Thread the three top nuts onto the strut to hold the strut secure. Re-install the spindle to strut bolts/nuts.
Install the speed sensor clip, brake line clip, and re-install the front sway bar endlink.

7. Re-install the front tire (Lug Nuts = 21mm). Remove the jackstands to lower the front tires back onto the ground. Go back and tighten the strut top nut at this time.

Here are before and after on the front suspension:
Before: Stock

After: H&R Sport Springs

8. Now for the rear suspension.
I jacked up one side at a time. Used a jack stand to support the car at the rear jack point (just ahead of the rear tire).

Place the floor jack under the lower control arm and raise the lower control arm up ~ 1 inch. This will relieve an tension on the rear sway bar end link to allow the end link to be removed (nut is 14mm).

Next remove the lower control arm to spindle bolt (17mm).

Next, slowly lower the lower control arm down with the floor jack. This will relieve the rear spring tension and allow the rear spring to be removed.

Stock vs H&R Sport Spring (Rear)

Install the sport spring. Be mindful to align the spring with the rubber mount in the lower control arm (top and bottom both have rubber mounts).

Slowly jack up the lower control arm to compress the sport spring (only need to go about 1 inch). Align and install the end link to lower control arm nut (14mm).
Then align and install the lower control arm to spindle nut bolt (17mm).

Before: Stock Springs (Rear)

Before: Stock springs:

After: H&R Sport Springs:

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What was used to compress the stock springs before removing the top nut? Did you use just a standard set of threaded spring compressors?
he just found the images - didn't do the write-up himself. My guess is that yes, they used spring compressors since that's the easiest (and safest) way to swap springs out.

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awesome write up...planning to do mine this weekend and I'm also going to change my shocks and struts with corksport adjustable shocks and struts.
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