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I agree. I am a complete newbie in car lighting mods, and I did it by just removing the wheel well covers (5 push tabs). No need to remove bumper.

1) Set up all the HID connections in the engine bay (relay, ballasts etc) , except the actual bulb.
2) Remove the wheel well (5 push tabs)
3) Push the plastic away, its hard and it wont break
4) remove the oem bulb and push in the hid bulb.

Only problem is you have to do it with one hand, not much space, but far easier than removing the bumper.
I also did this without removing the bumper. It is a but of a pain but I felt a lot better about not having to loosen up the bumper and worry about it scratching. The only truly challenging part is the passenger side one because of the windshield wiper fluid reservoir.
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