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Did I waste my money?

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I just odered a Typoon K&N. I was told that it was the better of the two for my 05 Mazda6i. Can someone help ASAP. Should I change my order?
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If you read through this thread:

you'll get info on hp gains. It should help you make a better decision.

It also depends on which 6 you have. Is it a 4cyl or a 6cyl? If you have the 4, a CAI doesn't make as much an impact on performance as it does on the 6cyl. I have a 4cyl so I opted for the Mazdaspeed CAI. If I had a 6cyl, I probably would have gone a different route. If you're that concerned with your purchase, return it and read up on it to make a better purchase. imho, I would return it. :)
Based on his replies, he does not want to make a decision - he wants someone else to. ;)
Yeah, they already sent it to me with a traking number. Gets here on Friday. Guess I'll send it back. MAZDASPEED CAI? Is that even better? I'd love to search thru all the forums, like how you tell all the other new guys, but I'm trying to prentend I'm working and switching form window to window isn't very convincing. Thanks for the help, but yeah can one of you guys step up and tell me what I should do? Seriously... I'll read up on things as the years go by.
step up and tell you what to do?

Maybe read the forums after work so you don't get fired?

I have a mazdaspeed cai on my car and I love it.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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