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Did I waste my money?

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I just odered a Typoon K&N. I was told that it was the better of the two for my 05 Mazda6i. Can someone help ASAP. Should I change my order?
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I wonder if it ever occurred to anybody that Felix was a programmed chat robot, not an actual salesman. How many times must one see "I am checking the information for you! Please bear with me..." Anyway, with the 4-cyl, I'd go with the Mazdaspeed CAI as well. I went that route a couple months ago on my car and the 6 just screams at mid-range to high RPMs. The beautiful part about this intake is the fact that you can still have your car perform at its original quietness and no one will suspect a thing until you open the car up. Coming from a highly-modified Hyundai Tiburon GT that was quite an impractical daily-driver, I'm loving the behavior of my 6i. I'm sure there are mods out there to make it even faster, but I just appreciate the car for what it is and that would be a somewhat grown-up, attractive handling machine.
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