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So, I have a 2005 model with SAT integration and I installed the DICE electronics i-Mazda-R2 iPod integration kit about a year ago before I deployed (in the Army). The thing works flawlessly in ACC mode before the car is started. Once I start the car, the SAT button still works, but the iPod isn't recognized and I can no longer access it. I called ipodcarpros (where I purchased it) and DICE (manufacturer) and they have no clue. The warranty has run out, so they won't send me an updated or new unit without me buying a new one (obviously don't want to do this since it works when the car isn't running). Any idea what the difference would be between the electrical config when the key is in ACC mode or the car is running? This is really frustrating. Why would it work when the car isn't started but not when it's running?!?!
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