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2 No NE-signal.
3 No G-signal (DOHC).
8 Air Flow Meter.
9 Water Thermosensor.
10 Intake Air Thermosensor (Air Flow Meter).
12 Throttle Sensor.
14 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor.
15 Oxygen Sensor.
17 Feedback System.
25 Solenoid Valve (PRC).
26 Solenoid Valve (Purge Control) .
34 Idle Speed Control Valve (ISC).
41 Solenoid Valve (VICS) (DOHC).
OBDII Fault Code Scanners
NOTE: The ECU constantly checks for input device malfunctions. However, it only checks for output device malfunctions during a three second period after the ignition is switched "ON" with diagnosis connector "TEN" terminal grounded. If there is more than one code present, the lowest number is displayed first, followed by subsequent codes in numerical order.

Warm engine to operating temperature. Switch ignition "OFF".
Connect jumper wire between diagnosis connector "TEN" and "GND" terminals.
Switch ignition "ON".
If codes are present, the MIL will light in long and short flashes. Long flashes indicate ten and short flashes indicate 1 through 9. For example, three short flashes indicate code 3. Two long flashes followed by five short flashes indicate code 25.
When all codes have displayed, the sequence will repeat until the jumper wire is removed.
Record codes and repair as necessary.
Following repairs, perform after-repair procedure.
To erase codes from ECU memory, disconnect negative battery cable and depress brake pedal for at least five seconds. Reconnect battery cable.
Ensure engine is at normal operating temperature. Install jumper wire between diagnosis connector "TEN" and "GND" terminals.
Switch ignition "ON".
Ensure that the MIL no longer flashes malfunction codes.

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Sorry pal, I'm not sure if anyone will be able ti help as this is a mazda 6 forum
And the 6 didn't come out till 02/03 so that 12-13 year gap will mean redesign of thw engine and you also didn't say what tyoe of mazda that is!
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did u even read the OP? he's not asking for help...he is providing the meaning of diagnostic codes and how to troubleshoot them.
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