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Bought one of these last week for my 2005 6 2.0 TS (no V6 power here!)

Didn't work.

The GOOD news is that having read the guides here on this forum, I was able to direct the two fitters at Halfords in how to remove the dash! The job went EXACTLY as per the guides and videos!

They recommended the Denison FM modulator which was duly fitted, and finished off whilst I went to pay at the cash desk.

All I can say is at the moment I'm BITTERLY disappointed!

It's tuned to 88, which here in the blisteringly hot and always sunny UK, is occupied by the flagship BBC station, Radio 2. When the radio is tuned to 88 I get output on the left hand speaker's only. If I go about .5 either way, I get Severely distorted sound out of both sides of the stereo (sic) image.

Any thoughts?


............Turned out to be a faulty modulator.

Sorted now.
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