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DeCeMbEr 17th | BoDeGa Bay | 8:00AM - MEET!

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DeCeMbEr 17th | BoDeGa Bay | 8:00AM

Attendance List:
1. Clue
2. CoolAl
3. Kevin
4. Panda
5. Tigermack
6. DJL113
7. PerfectXtreme

1. Tokeyko

Thats the site where it started. Looking for any all mazdas... we even accept a few wanna-be's or friends of friends =)

Awsome group of people already signed up... would be nice to get a few more faces looking for nice views... pictures.. and car-talk...
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So the north bay scene isn't dead after all. I though it was dead when I left last June since krispy Kream in Santa Rosa closed down and everybody stopped coming on friday nights then Epic Speed Works closed down leaving only 3 or 4 shops left , good to know that I was wrong. p.s. If you need to get vinyl work done go to Epic Images (across from Santa Rosa Costco) and talk to Waldo, he does great work and doesn't charge one of those $25 set-up fees. Tell him the guy from NXT LEVEL shift knobs sent you.
Coming from the Sacramento area, and love Bodega bay, I have no plans yet, so put me in as a maybe.
I use to go through Occidental all the time, you should try the pizza place in the old hotel next to the grocery store.
Some reason I couldn't get the link to work but here is a link that gets you directly to the posting.][/url]

Not sure if they will be up for it nxtlevelmazda6. The forum it leads to is to a mazda 3 forum, hopefully there will be other 6's that would come out.
I was planning to go... still not sure... the group has some pretty cool people... but at the same time they are pretty tight nit... Was big hype at first.. but seems to have calmed down and almost nothin goin on...

I think thats how it always is.. a new shop opens up.. new movie comes out (Fast and Furious) and everything is crazy.. then... just stops...

years ago Downtime Salem (oregon) was packed .. people out everywhere cars... bars.. you name it... My guess is the cops decided spending friday / saturday night out was against the law and since people have stopped going out... in those areas at least...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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