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I figured I'd share my dealer experience with all of you

had my car in for inspection at the Mazda dealer I purchased from, in Greensburg, PA. I figured they would suggest a bunch of work, so the week before I replaced the front pads and checked the rears, which I knew would need to be replaced soon, but had plenty of pad that I could see.

I dropped it off on a Friday night, got a call early Saturday morning that everythign was okay, but he suggested about $600 worth of work, cabin air filter, oil change, tran fluid change, replace rear pads and turn rotors. I asked if it would still pass and I was told yes. Five minutes after I got off the phone he called me back, tech can't pass it with the rear brakes. the brake service on it's own is 300 bucks, at this point I already ordered new pads and rotors for the rear from RPM for almost half that. Emissions was already completed so I said I'll have to bring it back after I swap them, seeing how I got free inspections from the dealer it wasn't an issue.

-1 for the Dealer

I went out to pick it up and right away the SA's first line is I don't want you to be mad, but..... we broke your antenna. I thought WTF, I dropped it off with the stubby on, maybe he was confused. But he couldn't tell me what they broke, but he knows they ordered the part. Doesn't know what part is ordered but it's ordered. Go out and looked at my car. and my antenna mount was broken. Apparently my car was sent through their car wash, and the nut that the antenna screws into was broken out of the plastic. I walk back inside to the parts counter to see what part was ordered and confirmed it was the base, at least he knew what was ordered. See the SA back inside and he said I'd get a call mon or tues to pick up the part, and I can swap it out. I corrected he saying that he was going to since I'm not dropping my headliner to replace a part they broke. he seemed not to care. more on that later. I pay for the emissions test and leave, checking my paint for anything else that could have gone wrong...

-1 for the damage
-1 for not explaining it
-1 for thinking I was going to fix it myself
-2 for the not caring attitude

I get the wonderful pleasure of a CS follow up message a couple days later. first I explained the debaucle of my financing, how my wife's name got put first on my car. and then my wonderful experience from the previous weekend. She of course apologized for my troubles, I asked her to confirm that my part had been ordered, otherwise I'd just appreciate the money for the part so I could replace it with something aftermarket. I got the promise of a return call the next morning. I still haven't received my phone call, it's been a month.

-1 for not following up

I Didn't bring my car in that next weekend, I didn't have my new rotors yet, but since I had no confirmation that the part was in, I wasn't going to take it there. I got my postcard that Saturday that the part was ready. so much for the two people promising a phone call.

-1 for not following up

Called and made another saturday appointment, spoke to diff SA. on the drop off envelope I wrote in sharpie, bold letters "DO NOT WASH". I dropped my locking lug key in there as I always do. Car passes, pick it up, drive home, missing my locking lug key. they have it, stop by and pick it up, get told they have master sets so next time I don't need to leave it with them. get home to fix the clunk with my rear brake (was present when I dropped it off) and my key is in two pieces, called them up to see if they can remove the locks, another trip out there. they actually gave me four lugs, and told that there was no system for reordering them.

-1 for passing with rear end clunk
-1 for second trip
-1 for third trip
+.5 for free lugs

I emailed mcgard yesterday about the lug key, got an email from the vp of sales and marketing, to give them a call to get a replacement to me. Called and asked for the Marc that I was given contact info for. asked for me to ship them the key, and i'd get a replacement. He said that key failures were rare, and they'd like to take a look.

+1 for Good CS

when I get my key it will be another +1 for mcgard
I emailed
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