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I am considering buying a 2003 6 ATX and I was wondering if I was getting a good deal or not. I couldnt find a complete list of options so forgive me if some of what I list is standard.

2003 Mazda6 S
ATX 47300 miles
Leather with heated seats
ABS with traction control
Rear spoiler
Automatic air

It is in excellent condition with all maintance records. Trans was flushed at 31K miles and I plan on getting it done if I get it. I read up on the tranny problems the early 6's have. The only things I see that might need to be worked on in the next 10-15K miles are a new set of tires and possibly the brakes. The tires are original and the brakes have a little vibration in them.

The price is $13000.

Thanks and let me know what you think.


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I wouldn't buy an ATX without a transmission cooler. Especially when it's almost out of warranty. I think you should buy a newer version.
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