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Just got my new 6i MTx last week and love it. I usually remove almost all identification from my cars-so the Mazda and 6 on the rear have to go. My question: is the flying eagle,or whatever it is, stuck on or bolted on? If it's stuck on it's going too! :drive:
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All the emblems and both side moldings are not bolted on, except for the grill emblem obviously, and the rear "flying m" has two pins that connect to the trunk of the car. Just let the car sit in the sun, or heat up the glue underneath and take some dental floss or fishing line and put it behind the emblem take it off, clean it off, sand it, and paint it. Taking out the trunk liner is not needed. Put some molding tape back on it and reinstall it. Refer to this for a few pages of discussion. Click.
from what ive heard the "flying m" has 2 pegs in the back. some people say to go behind the trunk liner and push it out from there. most people just pour some goo gone on it and get behind the emblem with fishing line and pull it off. check the de-badging thread under exterior modifications. every one's got a different way to de-badge
I removed my Mazda and 6 from the rear and I love it.
I have not looked at the M on the rear but from what I was told, it is bolted on.

I removed my side door guards too.
This car looks much better because of those small things being gone.
I removed my side door guards too.
This car looks much better because of those small things being gone.
agreed, it's a much sleeker look.... :yesnod:
so did i read correctly, fishing line will work well for removing the side door gaurd? my car is like 3 months old and i'm debating this mod this weekend.
yep, i actually pulled mine with my own hands it was pretty hot that day though and the glue or tape it uses was a bit soft, i just yanked it out then rolled the glue that stuck on my car with my finger..i was kinda skeptic about the look but it looks much much cleaner, definitely a must mod
my friend was worried there might be groove's, lines, indentations or stuff like that, is there really none of that left when they're gone?
absolutely nothing, the only thing i noticed is the slight paint difference between the rest of the body and the area where the trim was.. but nothing a buffer didnt take care of...and then again my car is an '04 so the trim has been on there for atleast 2 1/2 years so it was expected but like i said nothing a buffer didnt take care of
No, no color distortion, indentions, or grooves will be on the car. The only reason you would see anything would be if your car was dirty, and it was clean underneath the molding.
I shouldn't have any problems then as my car sees a good hand wash weekly and she's due for another. So i'll take the side door gaurds off tonight and if i can snag my fiances digi cam before she leaves take shots of it. Otherwise i'll post more pics of my car in my other thread after i do this and the angel eyes :D.
took the side gaurds off and mmm mmmmmm it does look good.
ya you need to take the door guards off it gives the 6 a much cleaner sleeker look.
i still have to remove the door guards, im afraid as soon as they come off an un-identified shopping cart will roll into the door at my driveway :ninja:
if that happens you've got more issues than the ding it leaves lol.
Yeah, thats the only reason I haven't took mine off. I feel thats it protection for carts and doors in the parking lot.
Their placement doesn't always help...particularly if you lower your 6. You can always remove them, place magnets on them, and reuse/remove when you want. Someone did that on the board.
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