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Dc Sports Headers For Sale

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Hey guys, I haven't been around too much lately because of school...but most of the older members know who I am. I donated my car to DC Sports to make some headers for the v6 back in april of 2005 and after they decided they were not going to make them due to costs. I was given a beautifully welded and thermal coated one-off set of headers for donating my car.

Now, being a student, I am in need of money and was wondering if anyone in CA would like to buy these from me.

Here is the original thread:

They are currently still on my car if anyone would like to check them out, I can get pictures upon request, but it wouldnt be great view of them because they are on the car... anyways..I am looking for about $400 to cover the cost of a class. PM me with questions! Thanks guys.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts much lol. getting to the point where i want to revert back to stock and sell stuff for money...maybe..
VERY sorry everyone. I have been very busy with school. I will get pictures as soon as I can. I might possibly be taking them off the car soon so it can be possible.Here are some picture of them brand new. It's obviously not as clean as in these pictures..but at least you can see the layout of it. Note.. i have had these for probably 2 years now I believe, maybe a year and a half. As you can see the front bank goes right below the fuel filter so i have needed to switch to a smaller size filter in order to clear the space.

The OEM filter size will not fit, but luckily the 94 acura legends have a smaller diameter filter that fits in there so that is what i have done for the past 2 years and its been great!I have some dynos that DC sports did way back when they did these prototypes. If anyone is interested please email me [email protected] or PM me. Sorry to those I have not gotten back to right away. Thanks.


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