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Some thoughts about specifications in the UK:

Here in the UK, the 2.3 hatch comes with a sunroof. Period.
Given the UK climate, and the fact that climate control and air/con are available anyway, why can't we opt NOT to have the sunroof if we don't want one? It makes no sense.

Similarly with the boot spoiler--you HAVE to have one, like it or not.
Great for the young and sporty and those who like bolt-on goodies, but for the mature family motorist (and this is after all a great all round family car) it's not a feature that you necessarily want to have thrust upon you. Yet we have no choice in the matter.

And then there's NO auto tranny...
Considering the rave reviews, I'm sure many in the UK would opt for the increasingly popular auto option. Yet the auto tranny is NOT available on the 2.3 here in the UK (only on the smaller engine models and the AWD wagon). Why on earth not?

And there's NO V6...
Where's the V6? Again, not a UK option in any guise.

Sport pack or no sport pack?
In fact the 2.3 hatch only comes in 'Sport' designation here in the UK. But let's see what that means. The boot spoiler perhaps? Precisely that. Oh, plus the 'Sport' emblem stuck on the boot. But that's your lot. There's no sports grill or front valance, no sports sports rear undervalance, no sports side trims, in fact no sports anything at all other than the badge and boot spoiler. The sports body kit that's standard in most other markets on similarly designated models is available here only as an after-market dealer-fit option, at extra cost for the painting and fitting. Even on our 2.3 'Sport'.

Thus, if you want the 2.3 engine on a hatch in the UK, you have to have the 'Sport' designated hatch, which really isn't much of a 'Sport' at all.

So what's going on? I can understand the economies of standardising specifications between models. Nevertheless, if I lived in Australia for example, I believe I could get a 2.3 hatch with NO sunroof, NO spoiler, and including the AUTO option. So why not here in the UK?

I've tried running this by Mazda UK to find out what their philosophy is. Yet even they appear so ill-informed about their own products it's almost impossible to get any detailed information. Every time I've called the Customer Services or Tech Support numbers quoted on their website I've got a naiive young lady who hasn't a clue about specification; so ill-informed is she that every conversation ends up with her being the 'middle man' in a disjointed conversation that requires her running back and forth to seek the answers to my questions from a 'back room' supervisor. and I can't get past her to speak directly with anybody else who ought to know. Dealers here have thus far also appeared similarly ill-informed, with different dealers either providing conflicting answers to simple questions of specification or admitting that they just don't know. Yet since they get their info from Mazda UK I guess that's not surprising either.

It's all a crying shame. An apparently great product, but with limited specification and virtually no dealer support or manufacturer representation worth talking about.

And I can't get any contact details for Japan out of Mazda here either.
Does anybody have an e-mail address for customer sevices in Japan, by any chance?

Sorry to vent, but Mazda just don't seem to be on the same planet here in the UK.


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Replying to Topic 'Daft UK specs?'

It's the same shit in Sweden.
In Germany you can order the sports kit for an extra 500Euro but here in Sweden it's aftermarket parts that will cost 3000Euro with paint and fitting.
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