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So I got the dreaded cylinder #3 misfire, pulled 1,2,3,4 coils and 2 and 3 were wet... What the?

Pulled the plugs, 1 was dry, 2 was wet, 3 was wet, and 4 was dry.
Looked in cylinders 2 and 3 and seen water... GASP! Prayed, and prayed some more that the compression gods would have mercy.
Cylinder 1,2,3,and 4 were all reading 175#'s, thank you baby Jesus. Started the tumultuas task of tearing the head off to replace
#$%^@^ head gasket. Going well except for the #$%^&*@ crank pully nut, but got it off with the starter trick, so I thought.

Pulled the head, the head gasket was seperated, looked at the cylinder head and the compression gods decided to teach me some humility, just GREAT!
I did not disconnect the timing chain from the cams when I cranked the starter, friction washers gave way and I broke the 2 exhaust valves in #2 cylinder head and damaged the valve seats.

Gets better.... Yes, I $%^#@% up the #2 piston as well and the valves gouged into the face/crown/top of the piston. Moving forward I took my dremel and leveled of the indentations on the top of the pistons so I could take a measure with my 4-way dial calipers. There were 5 gouges from the broken valve hitting the piston with the deepest gouge being .065

I plan to polish the gouges, remove any rough edges, and I guesstimate that the overall volume of cylinder #2 will be off about 1cc after I'm done, when compared to #1, #3, and #4 cylinders.

QUESTION #1: I need help if anyone can take a measure, or perhaps already know the thickness of the face/crown/top of the piston to the underside/back-face of the piston. Hopefully, the compression gods had their laugh, and the measure is not .066

Question #2: Any recomendations where I can get a remanufactured 2.3 cylinder head for a 2008 Mazda6?

The car only has 69K on it.

Thank you for taking the time to help, much appreciated!

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