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Current '05 6s Lease vs. 06 Speed6

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So I am about 2 years into a 4 year lease of a 2005 6s Hatchback for $370 a month. It was sort of an impulse buy (I always wanted a 6 hatch, had done the research, but got talked into a deal I have never been happy with). Anyways, I loved the Speed6 as soon as I read the specs when it came out. Now, in looking in the forums and at the Mazda incentives, it looks like there are some amazing deals going on for '06 Speed6.

So, you can probably guess where this is all going. I am thinking about going over to the dealer and seeing what it would take to trade my current lease in for a Speed6, whether I buy or lease it. My goal though is to have the same or less month payments with no money down. Is this just a pipe dream on my part? Does anyone know anything about trading leases? I would be going through the same dealer that I leased the car from (they have 13 Speed6 in their inventory). Advice?
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Keep in mind even if they give you a clean break from your current lease (ie no penalties) you've lost $7,000 in payments plus any money you put down. Plus to get the good lease offers you will need to put down another 2-3K(most likely)
Not to jack the thread but im contemplating the speed6 option myself. Is the speed6 worth getting in a state that has no 93 octane fuel? (alteast my city, ive never seen moe then 91?) I am seeing reports of almost 60 whp less with 91 then vs 93 and had wondered both for myself and for an uncle that is looking into it if the "reflash" they came out with did anything for this.
If you trade in a 6s or 6i for a Speed6, or regardless if you trade in an older model 6 for a newer model, you'll be losing a LOT because they're not trying to take in any older ones, but get rid of them....make sense? The offer looks great, but a trade in would hurt your current vehicle's history you've had with it greatly!
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